The Paradox of Leadership is a boutique leadership education firm based in New York City and serving clients globally. Specializing in Executive training, speaking, and coaching, we work with leaders and organizations that yearn for a more meaningful and impactful way of working, communicating, and leading. The work delivers subtle yet profound mindset shifts that revel in the paradox of leadership—it all begins within.

Throughout our coaching and training of hundreds of clients worldwide and across industry and scope, we’ve discovered the one common denominator: Inspired Leadership. It’s the difference between simply living life and actually leading life—and it changes everything.


Valia Glytsis – CEO & Founder

Throughout the scavenger hunt of Valia’s career (from PR and Marketing to Branding and Management Consulting), she’s always come back to the one thing that she knows for sure: there is nothing more important to the health and success of an organization than the growth and development of its people. Her personal mission is to teach those who are ready how to lead their most inspired life.

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Cara Power – Senior Leadership Coach

Cara’s disciplined, high-energy, “take-the-stairs not the elevator” approach facilitates partnerships with successful executives who seek impactful and lasting transformations in their businesses and personal lives. In our physically-present but mentally-elsewhere digital society, Cara ensures human connection is the top priority in all client interactions.

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Kathy McConnell – Senior Leadership Coach

Kathy stimulates leaders to access their potential, build their confidence and expand their creativity – whether to build their leadership skills or to develop new career strategies. She is both compassionate and rigorous in her coaching, focusing on building competency and capacity in the individual leader rather than short-term problem solving.

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Leanne Wiltshire – Operations Manager

Leanne’s passion for creating and keeping fluidity through all her endeavors serves as the glue that keeps Paradox humming. Whether in her professional or personal life, she has a knack for making all things run smoothly and effectively. Her behind the scenes “magic” helps hold the entire team together for a truly seamless client experience. While not in the midst of the chaos, Leanne has a unique love for tea and the artestry behind it.

Inspired Leadership Approach

My approach to leadership development is holistic, transformative, and rooted from the inside-out. Once you understand the dynamics of self-knowledge and the power of the tools in this process, leadership flows—whether you are leading an organization, a relationship, your career, or your life as a whole. Below is a brief overview of the four phases clients and audiences experience through the inspired leadership experience.



The Excavation phase is a deep-dive into the blocks that are standing in your way of inspired leadership. We literally excavate the default thought patterns that are creating your current experience. We look for stresses, gaps, and programming that no longer serve you or belong to you. This is the “messiest” and most critically important part of the process. Without excavating what’s broken, we can’t move forward to chart a new course.



After the unearthing process in Excavation, the slate is clean. The Foundation phase is all about choosing the type of experience you want to create. We delve into the seemingly impossible question of “What do I want?” and discover clarity (rather than feel overwhelm). This phase is an exploration of your deep personal values, your non-negotiables, your inherent strengths, your life’s pillars, and all the facets that make you—uniquely and utterly you.



Once we’ve paved our new Foundation, we leap into action. The Development phase bridges the gap between your current experience and the one you are creating. We explore the shift between incessant “doing” and conscious “being”, between IQ and Emotional Intelligence, between managing your life and actually leading your life. This chapter of the coaching process is all about actively trying on tools, techniques, and mindsets to lead your most powerful life.



The Transformation phase enables a seamless integration of all that you’ve learned and discovered by putting the theory into practice in every facet of your life. This phase feels like ultimate flow. You will explore the power of intuition, gratitude, silence, and letting go. You are aligned with your purpose and trust that everything you desire is already yours. Life will still throw its curveballs, but you now navigate each twist and turn with ease, energy, and grace.