Inspiring Organizations: Training & Development

The most high-impact organizational trainings are hands-on and interactive where participants can learn and apply lessons real-time. Topics range across the spectrum of leadership work—from giving feedback and delivering effective performance reviews to developing enhanced communication and inspiring others through the power of listening. No matter what the topic, the common denominator is the thread of personal leadership development through courageous self-awareness and openness for change.

The leadership development trainings feature highlights from one-on-one executive coaching engagements so that individuals at all levels of the organization can benefit from the coaching experience. We create customized trainings—no off-the-shelf products—in partnership with my clients to ensure that the specific business objectives and context remain paramount. Team coaching varies in length and style depending on the specific needs of the organization or team leader–anything from a two-hour targeted topic training to a development series over the course of several months.

Regardless of the company scope and engagement specifics, participants proactively gain both a new understanding of personal leadership as well as tangible tools and methodologies for immediate application. Group coaching and trainings follow the 4 pillars of the Inspired Leadership Approach:


Uncover expired habits, beliefs, and blocks around the given topic or issue. This phase typically feels the most “uncomfortable” because participants are asked to speak candidly and assertively while their teammates engage in active listening followed by honest dialogue.


Delve into new patterns and behaviors. This phase allows for the individual team members to draw on their strengths and embrace their shortfalls so that the entire group can investigate what it means to truly operate as a unit–one that values accountability and capacity, not dependency.


Bridge the gap between “what was” and “what could be”. This phase often experiences the strongest camaraderie. After participants let down their guard and reveal insights through conscious vulnerability, they are eager to collaborate in finding a ideal vision of what their team is capable of being, doing, and achieving.


Discover tangible ways to not only execute solutions and deliver results but also inspire others in the process. This final phase triggers the ripple effect beyond the classroom. The team walks away with concrete next steps as well as ways of recalibrating when necessary and evaluating success.

Sample Focus Areas

  • Building Team Connection
  • New Team On-Boarding
  • Defining Team Vision & Values
  • Myers Briggs Team Communication Dynamics
  • Bridging Team Gaps
  • Shift from IQ Focus to Emotionally Intelligent Dynamics
  • Shift from Management to Leadership Mindset
  • Navigating Courageous Conversations
  • Giving & Receiving Feedback for Growth

Sample Engagement Types

  • Leadership Team Offistes & Onsites
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Team Trainings
  • Team Meeting Facilitations
  • Organizational Level / Divisional Training
  • Training Series (+ Coaching)
  • On-Boarding Trainings
  • “Brown Bag” Sessions