Inspiring Leaders: Executive Coaching

It feels lonely at the top. Our clients are senior executives who are yearning for a personal advisor, a trusted thought-partner, a confidant who can help them purposefully navigate the complexities of their world. They are ready to get off the infamous treadmill of personal achievements and start doing the “real” impact work: defining their personal leadership brand, inspiring their teams and organization, finding meaning and purpose in their work, and moving others to unleash their greatness.

Executive coaching is a powerful, forward-looking, and action-focused partnership between an executive and coach. The goal of the coaching engagement can be anything from developing more effective communication to successfully on-boarding into a new role. Beyond the surface of the stated “goal”, however, is a rich opportunity for clients to dig deep within themselves and uncover truths that have been silenced over time.

By exploring, addressing, and ultimately removing deep-rooted patterns and blocks, clients are able to align their professional aspirations with their personal passions and values. Once all of the components are in sync, coaching helps propel the client through deep and sustainable transformation, not just surface change.

Our role as coachs is to listen, extract, make connections, synthesize, hold accountable, give tough love, and guide my clients right back to their source of wisdom and power: themselves. We take clients through a 4-Phase Inspired Leadership Approach:

Development Approach


Deep-dive into the current state – what’s working, what’s not, what needs to change. This phase includes development assessments such as Myers Briggs and Energy Leadership Index, 360 evaluations, observation, and deep personal reflection.


Create possibilities for what’s next. This phase uncovers strengths, values, and deeper consciousness and includes the creation of a development plan as well as any organizational alignment that’s necessary.


Bridge the gap between current patterns and optimal leadership. This phase is focused on real-time action and application–clients try on new patterns, behaviors, and ways of being to drive success.


Unleash a seamless integration between leadership theory and day-to-day experience. This phase feels like the ultimate flow–clients have a new sense of self-mastery and are fully engaged in their new leadership brand.

Client Focus

  • High-Potentials who are ready to make the shift from functionally excellent individual contributors to high-impact leaders of people
  • Senior Executives who are on-boarding from an individual contributor or management-focused role into a visible / leadership role
  • Senior Executives who are looking to develop their personal brand in order to create greater impact on their teams and organization
  • Senior Leaders who are seeking a trusted advisor to navigate the complexities of their personal and professional worlds

Content Focus

  • Self-Mastery/ Brand Development
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Managing Up for Impact
  • Transforming a Team
  • Building Alignment & Advocacy
  • Navigating Courageous Conversations
  • Communication & Impact
  • Managing Personal Energy & Time
  • Developing Leadership Presence
  • Inspiring & Driving Success in Others

Engagement Details

  • 6-12 Month Coaching Engagement
  • Bi-monthly Coaching Sessions
  • Personal Exploration Assessments
  • 360 Customized Interviews + Full Debrief
  • Brand Development Plan
  • Regular Check-Ins with Engagement Sponsor
  • Development & Reflection Tools
  • Unlimited Access to Coach