Inspiring Audiences: Speaking & Events

Leadership transcends a set of skills, behaviors, and personalities; it is so much more than the CEO of an organization or public figures in the media. True leadership is a state of mind, it’s a way of being, it’s an intention imbued with passion and purpose. It is accessible to anyone who has the courage to seek it out. The paradox of leadership is that it comes from within and can only be accessed from the inside-out. My personal mission is to teach people how to revel in their own paradoxes in order to lead their most inspired life.

Inspiring. High-Frequency Energy. Old Soul. Presence. Limitless Possibility. True Connection. Transformative. Just a few of the words that audiences use again and again to describe how they feel during one of my talks. I completely customize my teachings to make them relevant, inspiring, and meaningful for each and every audience. Lessons from the world of coaching are at the heart of the presentations so that everyone can benefit from the privilege of a select few. The work is holistic, thus impacting everything in people’s personal and professional lives: from productivity and efficiency to communication and alignment to fulfillment, motivation, inspiration… and even happiness.

It is my sincere honor and privilege to work with a wide array of audiences and organizations–from Fortune 500 companies and industry conferences to entrepreneur symposiums, non-profit organizations, universities, and women’s groups. To learn more, please download my Speaker Bio.

My signature talks:

The Quintessential Leader: Mastering Mindset Transformation

A crash course in leadership development. This talk breaks down a 6-month Executive Coaching engagement to its nuts and bolts and absolute musts. Intended for high-potentials looking to bridge the gap between management mindset and leadership mindset, this talk focuses on shifting from the day-to-day “doing” to the more conscious “being” of a leader. In exploring of “how’s” of leadership development, The Quintessential Leader unravels the nuances that true leaders embody: from actively choosing thoughts and knowing what they stand for to focusing on strengths and exploring self-mastery.

The Power & Paradox of “Nice”: Building Distinguished Relationships

This talk takes a hard look at a seemingly innocent yet potentially catastrophic type of culture: Nice. What can be one of the most powerful forms of emotional intelligence has been thwarted in many organizations due to lack of transparency, insecurity, and perpetual change. If “Nice” is not channeled in a productive and powerful way, it becomes toxic by preventing courageous conversations, true alignment, honest feedback, and genuine collaboration. This talk is a deep dive into the world of emotional intelligence and how to proactively transform any relationship from a place of courage, vulnerability, and trust.

The Spirit of Leadership: Beyond the Five Senses

What were once taboo words in business—consciousness, intuition, spirit—are now at the forefront of what distinguishes those who professionally thrive from those who simply survive. Beyond the tools, skills, and mindset of leadership lives something far greater—access to a world of infinite potential and ceaseless creativity. It takes courage to access this world and the only entry point is from within. This talk is an advanced leadership development conversation for those individuals and organizations looking to stretch beyond ordinary success—to learn how to harness intuition, to capture the meaning of flow, to find clarity through silence and meditation. And this is only the beginning…

Additional Talks:

  • Is It Just Me?: Breaking Free From Imposter Syndrome
  • The Power of Vulnerability: Connection Redefined
  • Branding From The Inside-Out: An Intuitive Approach